Battle of the Battle Ropes

Battle Ropes have become increasingly popular in the fitness world, and for very good reason.

Not only do battle ropes kick your butt, and kick your butt very fast, battle ropes can also be lots of fun and can provide lots of variety.

With battle ropes gaining a nearly mythical amount of popularity, there have of course been many new varieties of “battle ropes” created. Today I’m going to look into a few of them.

As someone who works with older adults, im always looking safe high intensity exercises to perform with my clients, and the variety of “battle ropes” I now have work perfectly.

I use standard battle ropes, the Inertia Wave, and The Son of the Beast with my older adult clients, and will explain them all below.

Battle Rope:

Battle Rope Waves

The basic battle rope is the one that started it all.  Looking like nothing more than a fisherman’s rope, these basics are great for strength and conditioning exercises alike.

While the battle rope has nearly countless exercise varieties, I tend to stick with the basics for my older adult clients

The Battle Rope Wave is the most basic of battle rope exercises. But don’t let that fool you, go all out for 30 seconds, and try to catch your breath.

Inertia Wave

Inertia Wave: So quick you can’t see it, but can you hear it?

The Inertia Wave is a lightweight and compact version of a battle rope. It is basically a very large resistance band, and uses inertia as its form of resistance.

While the Inertia Wave can be a little tricky to get right, it really is an amazing high intensity exercise, that while it’s similar to the standard battle rope, it feels totally different.

If you are looking to add some unique variety to your exercise routine, I would highly recommend the Inertia Wave. Just listen to it, and it will tell you it’s working!

Son of the Beast

Son of the Beast with TRX Rip Stick attached.

The Son of the Beast from Stroops Fitness is a very unique take on the traditional battle rope, it uses resistance bands wrapped in a heavy duty sheath.

The Son of the Beast is close to matching the feel of the standard battle rope, but where it excels is its ability to use attachments, and its ability to accommodate lower body training.

Check out this really cool, high intensity, chest flye and battle rope combo.

By attaching a TRX Rip Stick (or something similar) to The Son of the Beast you can simulate using a sledgehammer, without the damages.

Another cool thing about The Son of the Beast is you can attach a belt and do a variety of lower body work as seen below.

These are the 3 most common “battle ropes” that I use with my older adult clients.

They are all very high value additions to any workout. While it is hard to fully simulate the original battle rope with anything but the original, that’s not neccesarily a bad thing.

If you’re looking for the original battle rope feel, than honestly you can’t beat the original.

If you’re looking for lots if high intensity variety, then I would highly recommend The Son of the Beast.

The Inertia Wave is very unique in its own right, and is an amazing form of quick high intensity exercise.

Honestly, its hard to go wrong with any of the three.

If your over 40 and in the Eugene, Oregon area, and would like to try a free week of Personal Training contact me now!

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