Mobility and Recovery Training

“Not Yoga” Mobility Training

What is “Not Yoga” Mobility Training at 40 Plus Personal Training?

Honestly it’s kind of hard to explain. Think yoga for people that don’t want to do yoga “not yoga” combined with dynamic mobility, balance training, and full body PT.

With a focus on muscles that don’t normally get worked like: hands, wrists, calves, tibialis, hips, and thoracic spine.

The mobility routine is surprisingly challenging, at times humbling, and will leave you feeling great!

Give it a try, I’m sure you will love it!

Check out what others are saying.

40 Plus “Not Yoga” Mobility Training Testimonials.

40 Plus Mobility Training Review -C

“The combination of stretching, balance, and physical therapy exercises are surprisingly challenging, yet leaves me feeling great after every workout. And best yet, my range of motion in my neck has improved immensely and my neck pain has decreased dramatically.” -C.R.

40 Plus Mobility Training Review -P

“Since I started doing mobility classes, my strength and mobility has increased. And my normal aches and pains have gotten better.” – P.S.

40 Plus Mobility Training Review -M

“I have definitely benefited from the stretching and flexibility training. I have definitely noticed having a greater range of motion, and my daily tasks have gotten much easier.” M.W

40 Plus Mobility Training Review -M

The mobility class is a very effective and rewarding class. It seems to be mostly simple stretches and poses. But, the mobility class improves mobility in your feet, hands, shoulders, and everything in between. I’m currently 59 years old, and would recommend the mobility class for any age, and as a great complement to any other strength training program.”

“The mobility workouts are much harder than they look! They are a great addition to any workout routine.” -K.S.

“The stretching and mobility exercises are a big help with all my other physical activities throughout the week. I’m noticing a large improvement in my strength and flexibility.” B.S.

40 Plus Mobility Training Review -JM

“I love the mobility training! I didn’t realize range of motion I had lost until I started this routine. My flexibility is much improved in a short amount of time. Thanks, Colt!” J.W.

“Colt puts a lot of thought into the mobility program, and it really shows. Great variety, and challenging! It gets me out of the office and focusing on what’s really important, my health.” S.T.

“The mobility class has been great for me. A lot of my daily aches and pains are gone since I started taking the mobility class. I also am more flexible than I have been in years.” D.W.

40 Plus Mobility Training Review -DB

“The mobility/stretching class is excellent! I am stretching muscles and feeling great when I leave. Colt has put together an excellent class with a lot of variety. I didn’t realize how much I needed it until I started doing it. Thanks Colt!” D.B.

40 Plus Mobility Training Review -CW

“I’m recovering from foot reconstruction 18 months ago and a knee replacement 8 months ago, same leg. These mobility sessions have been like physical therapy for my whole body! It’s amazing how the combination of exercises makes my whole body feel relaxed and movable. My body feels oiled and flexible!” C.W.

“The mobility and stretching program has greatly increased my mobility, very quickly. It has become as vital to me as my morning coffee!” J.M.

Now that you’ve seen what people are saying about 40 Plus Mobility Training, why don’t you watch the video below and see what is all about.

Mobility Training for Older Adults and Beginners in Cottage Grove, Oregon

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