Online Personal Training for Older Adults

Online Personal Training for Older Adults

Online Personal Training for Older Adults

40 Plus Personal Training is now offering Online Personal Training for Older Adults!

Get all the benefits of working with a personal trainer, but do it when and where you want to.

How is 40 Plus Personal Training’s Online Personal Training for Older Adults different than a normal online personal training program?

Swiss Ball Bird Dogs aka Drunken Bird Dogs

40 Plus Personal Training was developed in 2013 specifically for people over the age of 40.

Since then I’ve worked exclusively with 100s of people over the age of 40.

In the last 8+ years I’ve been tweaking my programs to make sure I’m only using age appropriate exercises, while still having an effective and entertaining workout.

If you’re an older adult why wouldn’t you work with someone who specializes specifically in what YOU need?

Online Personal Training? Am I working with a computer then?

No, I want to make my Online Personal Training for Older Adults program as personal as I possibly can.

Every program will start with a consultation to see what you need and want.

Live video workouts are also available to help you get started.

What kind of equipment is used in the Online Personal Training for Older Adults program?

It depends what you have available to you, I will build your programs based on what you have available.

If you’re working out at a gym, you should have most things that you need.

If you’re working out at home, I would suggest you have at least some dumbbells, resistance bands, a TRX, swiss ball, and hopefully a bench. But we can discuss what you have, want and need.

Is every Online Personal Training session the same?

Absolutely not! I try to provide as much variety as I possibly can.

Variety keeps the body guessing, the joints happy, and the brain motivated 😃

We use over 100 different exercises every single month!

Can I get a preview of one of the Online Personal Training for Older Adults workouts?

Absolutely! Here is a sample leg circuit of an Online Personal Training for Older Adults STUDIO program.

Remember all workouts are designed for you, with the equipment you have, so don’t worry if you don’t have some of this equipment.

Online Personal Training for Older Adults Leg Sample

What are other people saying about 40 Plus Personal Training?

“Absolutely the best thing I do for myself, worth every cent! I never thought I would see myself building muscle and toning up at 70. -Karen, 71

“This is a fabulous way to keep on the fit train. Colt designs a brilliant series of exercises, ever mindful of one’s strengths and limitations.”

“Colt challenges me to be my best! A low key atmosphere allows me to feel comfortable. No frilly gym equipment-yuck. I feel strong and looking forward to getting old gracefully.”

“Colt provides exactly what I was looking for, a workout regime that is, safe and appropriate for me. The sessions are fun and rewarding. I can’t recommend it enough.” -DG

“Colt provides a fun and challenging workout environment. We started 5 and a half years ago, and haven’t looked back. New exercises every week, and my wife and I have gotten in the best shape we have been in years. Highly recommend.”

“So very thankful I found this personal trainer! He took the time to understand my goals, then helped me achieve them. I’m 60 petite and had begun losing muscle mass. Since training with Colt, I’ve gained muscle and feel so much stronger as 9 healthier. My husband loves that when he hugs me, I no longer feel fragile. The workouts grow trougher gradually, so you don’t get injured. But, they’re still TOUGH. Every workout is a bit different and the exercises are in a particular order to fatigue certain muscle groups, very important for my goal. This is something that has worked so well for me, that I’ve committed to it for as many years as I can. Thanks, Colt!”

“I’ve lost 30lbs since starting at 40 Plus Personal Training. I always recommend Colt to my friends and co-workers.” -Kit

“My strength is up, and my weight is down thanks to Colt.” -Rachel

“Colt gets it! The year and a half I have been working with him, is the best I have felt I my life.”

“Colt works with you on what you want to work on, but more importantly, he helps you in the areas you need help.” -Tim

“Great workout for building strength! Very unintimidating, but challenging. I’ve been working out at 40 Plus Personal Training for almost 6 years. Highly recommend!” -Linda

“Show up and follow Colt’s great instructions, and a few months later I’m down two sizes.”-Sandy

“I came to Colt in my 40s following orthopedic surgery on my leg. We put together a plan to rehab my leg, and have stayed with him since. Now I’m approaching the strength and conditioning I had in my 20s. I appreciate his laid back style and how he constantly changes up workouts. I highly recommend Colt.” -Ben

“When I started working with Colt I hadn’t exercised in 4 years. He started where I was, and helped me progress at a healthy pace. One year later I’m down 23 pounds, 2 sizes, and most importantly I feel great. Colt is easy to work with, very knowledgeable, and just a nice guy. I highly recommend him.” -Becky

“My experience with 40 Plus Personal Training started a year ago. I was debilitated from back surgery and general inactivity and really needed some help getting back to a good level of fitness. Colt has exceeded my expectations as a trainer. He is patient and knowledgeable. He varies the workouts, and while challenging, it is always fun and never boring! My strength and sense of well being are at an all time high! Highly recommend 40 Plus Personal Training.”    -Karen

“Getting in shape over 40 isn’t much fun. I’ve found gyms to be intimidating, and generally uncomfortable. At 40 Plus Personal Training, it’s pretty much just me. I can work at my own pace, for the most part. There is some push to the training along with a few corny jokes. It’s all in good fun and the result is that I keep going back. I highly recommend 40 Plus Personal Training.” -Sanford

“Would highly recommend. Was not able to get up on my own after hips being replaced and now am doing great. Went so good my wife joined.” -Jack

“All exercises are thoughtfully designed and executed. Very professional.” -Jakyoung

“Being over 70 years old I’m very concerned about safety. Colt always takes the time to demonstrate the correct way of doing exercises and makes modifications if you have issues with specific body parts (arthritic shoulder). He continuously does his research finding new exercises and equipment to strengthen muscles, making each session fresh and non repetitive. Over the past two and a half years I feel my strength, balance and flexibility have improved considerably thanks to Colt.” -Tony

“Colt continues to show great patience with me as he teaches me new resistance moves to strengthen my body. He is encouraging and positive. When I have a puzzled look, he immediately demonstrates the exercise. He is always prepared for class. He sanitizes the weights and mats after each use.” -Diane

Where can I workout at?

You can workout wherever and whenever you would like! Workout on your own schedule.

How often can I workout using the Online Personal Training for Older Adults program?

I will provide you with 2 days a week of weight training, which is the nuts and bolts of this program.

I will also provide you with 1-2 bootcamp style workouts per week that are optional, but highly suggested.

There will also be a mobility and stretching program provided after each workout.

How much does it cost?

I offer Online Personal Training for Older Adults on a monthly basis at $100 per month.

How do I get started?

Contact me and we will schedule a time to talk and work out a plan.

Ok let’s do this!

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