40 Plus Personal Training

40 Plus Personal Training

At 40 Plus Personal Training every work out is designed for older adults.

40 Plus Personal Training Testimonials

“My experience with 40 Plus Personal Training started a year ago. I was debilitated from back surgery and general inactivity and really needed some help getting back to a good level of fitness. Colt has exceeded my expectations as a trainer. He is patient and knowledgeable. He varies the workouts, and while challenging, it is always fun and never boring! My strength and sense of well being are at an all time high! Highly recommend 40 Plus Personal Training.”    -Karen

“Getting in shape over 40 isn’t much fun. I’ve found gyms to be intimidating, and generally uncomfortable. At 40 Plus Personal Training, it’s pretty much just me. I can work at my own pace, for the most part. There is some push to the training along with a few corny jokes. It’s all in good fun and the result is that I keep going back. I highly recommend 40 Plus Personal Training.” -Sanford

“Would highly recommend. Was not able to get up on my own after hips being replaced and now am doing great. Went so good my wife joined.” -Jack

“All exercises are thoughtfully designed and executed. Very professional.” -Jakyoung

“Being over 70 years old I’m very concerned about safety. Colt always takes the time to demonstrate the correct way of doing exercises and makes modifications if you have issues with specific body parts (arthritic shoulder). He continuously does his research finding new exercises and equipment to strengthen muscles, making each session fresh and non repetitive. Over the past two and a half years I feel my strength, balance and flexibility have improved considerably thanks to Colt.” -Tony

“Colt continues to show great patience with me as he teaches me new resistance moves to strengthen my body. He is encouraging and positive.
When I have a puzzled look, he immediately demonstrates the exercise. He is always prepared for class. He sanitizes the weights and mats after each use.” -Diane