Conditioning Workout of the Day

Welcome to 40 Plus Personal Training Metabolic Conditioning!!! For those of you who have already joined up, thank you! And use this page as a reminder, when needed. For those of you who haven’t joined up yet, welcome! Please use this page learn more about the new metabolic conditioning classes at 40 Plus Personal Training.Continue reading “Conditioning Workout of the Day”

Cottage Grove Personal Training

Get fit at 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and beyond. 40 Plus Personal Training specializes in helping people stay healthy as they age.

40 Plus Personal Training is not about heavy weights and high intensity. My goal is to make you strong and healthy in real life, not lifting 500lbs in the gym.

I do this through moderate weights, designed variety, and constant intensity.

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Inertia Wave Circles

Inertia Wave Circles are just one of a few hundred different exercises done at 40 Plus Personal Training. We use constant variety to keep your body guessing, but more importantly to keep your brain engaged, and to keep you excited for every workout. All our exercises are tested in real life, and designed for beginnersContinue reading “Inertia Wave Circles”