At Home Pull Circuit

I’m going to keep it very simple for the at home back routine. With the majority of people having minimal equipment and probably limited space, the injury risk is too high, to provide my normal levels of variety. So enjoy this back routine, until we get to normal.

Back Circuit

  • Dumbbell Pull Overs 10 reps
  • Dumbbell Rows 10 per arm
  • Towel Overhead Pull a Parts 10
  • Towel Reverse Flyes 10 reps

For the pull overs, use a bench (or something similar if you have it)

For the rows, again use a bench if you have one, if not just find something to lean on.

For the pull a parts and reverse flyes, use a resistance band if you have one, use a towel if you don’t.

Best at Home Back Circuit 40+ Video

Thanks for reading, BACKing, sweating, and SHARING. Cya for the next workout.

40+ At Home Pushing Workout

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