COVID-19, Social Distancing, Gyms and Personal Training in Eugene, Oregon

COVID-19, Social Distancing, Gyms and Personal Training in Eugene, Oregon

The Beginning of COVID-19 and Gym Closures in Eugene, Oregon

In the middle of March 2020 the world was turning into a weird and confusing place. COVID-19 had spread through China, was spreading through Europe and beginning to start its spread through the United States.

COVID-19 and Gym Closures

There was a very eerie feeling going on, to say the least. Without having all the information and not wanting to harm any of my clients, I shut down 40 Plus Personal Training on Thursday March 19th.

Little did I know, four days later, nearly the entire state of Oregon, and later the United States would shut down.

Life had just turned into an “is this real?” moment. I’m very lucky and thankful that my family and friends are all healthy, and am very thankful we got to have a “soft quarantine” in Eugene, Oregon.

I can’t imagine what it must have been like in China, Italy, NYC and many other places around the world.

None of us had any idea of what the world was going to look like. So it was time to buckle down, and stay safe.

But what was going to happen to 40 Plus Personal Training, what would the entire fitness industry look like?

Social Distancing and the Rise of Online Personal Training

Social Distancing and the Rise of Online Personal Training

Nearly the entire world was dealing with some form of stay at home order, leaving most industries struggling to figure out what to do next.

Big gyms, small gyms, yoga studios, personal training studios, spin classes, and nearly every other form of exercise based business was frantically trying to build there own virtual fitness systems.

These systems worked to keep millions of people safe and active from their own homes.

I’m sure millions of people worldwide found out they liked working out from home, well millions more found out they did not.

Personally I created a few different programs to keep my 40 Plus Personal Training clients active.

Beginner Home Workouts for Seniors

Advanced Home Workouts for Older Adults and Seniors

Finally, I began building a much more detailed program for current 40 Plus Personal Training clients and have begun to slowly open it up to everyone else.

I was getting excited, that I have finally created an online personal training business, that I have wanted to do for literally 15 years.

And BOOM. May 15th, gyms in Lane County are allowed to open.

The Re-Opening of Gyms and Personal Training in Eugene, Oregon

I spent the entire weekend calling, texting, and emailing my 40 Plus Personal Training clients.

To my surprise over 80% of my clients were ready to return!

I was honestly scared 40 Plus Personal Training was going to be done.

Yeah, I had already built an online personal training program, that will hopefully turn into the real deal, eventually.

But, I was already looking into plans B, and C.

40 Plus Personal Training is obviously not out of the woods yet, well because nobody in the world is. But over 80%, that is AWESOME!

Thank you everyone!


Now that I knew the vast majority of my clients where ready to come back, it was time to deliver great workouts again, and more importantly keep them safe.

After reading the guidelines for gyms to be reopened, I was happy to see that nearly everything was already being done at 40 Plus Personal Training.

Keep my distance, wear masks and gloves, clean handles and dumbbells after every session, and we should be ok.

I will say I’m very glad that 40 Plus Personal Training is a small private personal training studio, not a huge gym, I don’t know how they are going to be able to do it.

COVID-19 Procedure at 40 Plus Personal Training

  • 1 client, or 1 couple per session, in a 750 square foot facility
  • Bring your own towel to lay on benches, for added protection.
  • Bring your own yoga mat, sorry I won’t be providing them for the time being.
  • Bringing your own masks and gloves is recommended.
  • I will be wearing a mask and gloves for your protection.
  • Clean benches, handles, and dumbbells after every session.
  • Vaccuum after every session.

If you are feeling unsure about going back to your big gym, but still want to workout, take advantage of the personal training advantage.

Try 40 Plus Personal Training Today

2 thoughts on “COVID-19, Social Distancing, Gyms and Personal Training in Eugene, Oregon

  1. Hi Colt,

    It felt good to come back last Monday! We are very grateful for you.

    Thanks for reopening and doing it with a lot of precautions.

    Dianne & Hal



  2. Hi Colt,

    I’m glad 80% of your clients are coming back now and allowing you to reopen the studio. I hope to return after a while.

    Is my workout buddy, Amanda, coming back for the 9am MF slot? Are you still skipping Wednesdays?

    I have purchased a TRX system, which is hanging from my Perfect Pull-Up bar, and an ab wheel, and I am continuing to work out regularly. Every now and then I get so bummed out that I skip close to a week, but working out always makes me feel better.

    I am incorporating exercises we did along with ones I did before. I tend to slow down quite a bit in comparison with our workouts, taking my time, especially when lowering weights.

    I hope you and Annie and the kids are doing well.

    Best, Ellen


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