1Minute Stretch: Daily Routines

If you are like most people visiting 40 Plus Personal Training, then you are most likely dealing with some form of chronic pain and/or injuries.

The easiest way to quickly alleviate some of this pain and work towards improving your life in the future, is through stretching.

Everyone has some excuse why they don’t stretch. So I have put together several 1-2 minute stretching routines to quickly address your needs.

Give them a try. I hope you enjoy. And please let me know what you think.

Morning Wake Up

1Minute Stretch: Low Back Stretching

hold for 10-20 seconds

Pre Work or Workout

1Minute Stretch: Pre Work or Workout Full Body Dynamic Stretching

Post Work or Workout

1Minute Stretch: Upper Body Suspension Stretches

Hold for 10-20 seconds

Post Work or Workout

1Minute Stretch: Leg Stretches

Hold for 10-20 seconds

Before Bed

1Minute Stretch: Low Back Recovery

Hold for 10-20 seconds

Basic Workout for Common Injury Prevention and Rehab

So this one isn’t exactly a 1Minute Stretch routine, but I felt like I would be missing something if I didn’t give you a short workout routine.

This a very short routine that can be done once every other day to help prevent and repair the most common injuries.

Try it to help prevent neck, shoulder, back, and knee pain. 5-10 reps per exercise.

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